The Poetry Pottery Box

2115 SE 48th Ave, Portland Oregon

I started this neighborhood art project in the summer of 2014 to have an outlet for my pottery and to connect with neighbors and the various people who happen to wander by my house in southeast Portland.  

The concept was simple.  I would put pottery that I had made in the box and ask people to pay what they could afford for it.  I would also invite people to leave their original poetry and in exchange for allowing me to use their poems in the pottery I make for my poetry pottery box, I would give them some of that pottery.  

Since beginning this project (the picture above is from the very first day), I have received many lovely poems, met some truly wonderful people and have had the opportunity to make more pottery then I have ever made before and increase my skills ten fold.  

Here's what the box says:

"My pottery has poetry...well it is, at least, imprinted with poems.  If you would like me to imprint some of your poetry onto some of my pottery, please leave your short poems in the donation slot.

If you leave your contact information I will let you know when I have combined your poetry with my pottery so I can give you some of what I...well really we...have created.

Know this - my pottery isn't perfect, so your poetry doesn't have to be either."

I hope you enjoy my poetry pottery box and please stop by whenever you're in the neighborhood.

You can contact me at

If you are interested in a special order or commission, I would be happy to hear from you.

Check back soon and you will see a gallery of pottery available for purchase.