After writing a first ever blog post this evening and thinking I wouldn't have much to blog about, when checking the poetry pottery box this evening, I found an envelope with a note on it stuffed into a mug.  

The note said "Your pottery is most beautiful...vibrant, peaceful and loving.  It found me by surprise on a walk as the young woman I am today, after experiencing rape and feeling homesick for / or to be close to those I love in the midwest.  Thank you for your gift, for brightening my space, much love and peace to you. Please accept this token of my gratitude."  

Inside the envelope was a crystal, 8 bags of herbal tea and a pack of vegan, gluten, sugar and soy free gum.

First, to whoever wrote this note, you're welcome and thank you for the gifts, they will be cherished.   I hope you enjoy the pottery you have taken from my box.

Second, I've received a number of wonderful notes and small gifts over the past 9 month, but this one was especially touching.  I may never have any idea who this person is, but I think my project has done them some small amount of good.  As a social worker who spends most of his time in front of a computer dealing with databases, it's tremendously gratifying to be able to help someone in a real and direct way.